Email Action! Tell the City not to cut the HSF!!!!

The City of Toronto wants to destroy the Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) that enables people on Ontario Works or ODSP to obtain or retain housing. They have systematically restricted access to it and turned applicants away in droves, causing great hardship and increasing homelessness.
Email your thoughts, experiences with the HSF or Community Start-Up to Toronto Emplyment and Social Services by March 24th

Raise the Rates Poster and Flyers

Available now! Click the "attachments" link to download and print the poster and flyer.

*Updated with Accessibility info!* March 22nd Raise the Rates March to the Ontario Liberal Convention

Download the Poster for March 22 HERE,
And Download the Flyer for March 22 HERE!

March 22nd Raise the Rates March to the Ontario Liberal Party Conference!

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Assemble at Metro Hall, King and John, 1.00 PM

Meal, rally and march

Our Pots and pans are empty, bring yours to bang!!!!!!!!!!

Accessibility Info:

· We have an accessible van with room for one chair and 4 passengers to follow the march for folks who aren't able to march

- ASL Interpretation available

· Closest wheelchair accessible subway station: St.Andrew Station
(approx 2mins away)

· Transportation from out of town: accessible transport available
(alternative to buses), contact each city for more info.

Solidarity Rally for Dr. Roland Wong

College of Physicians and Surgeons, 80 College Street, (West of Bay),
Wednesday, February 5, at Noon

On February 5, a six month suspension of Dr. Roland Wong’s licence to practice medicine in Ontario will begin. He is also saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs and penalties.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has imposed these measures on Dr. Wong because he helped large numbers of his patients, living in poverty on Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), obtain the Special Diet so that they and their families could have some chance of staying healthy.

An Appeal from DPAC for help from OCAP members & Supporters

Communique from DPAC:
Last Monday, 6th of January the first episode of a new "Reality TV" show was broadcast in the UK called "Benefits Street". This is the latest in a long line of TV shows which are designed to demonize Social Security Claimants and paint them as scroungers of "hard working people's tax money".
This is deliberate misinformation and is very much in line with the UK government propaganda that unemployed people are to blame for unemployment, not the government's own austerity economics, and that people claiming out of work and disability benefits are just too lazy to earn their own money, and that people who live on benefits are doing so as a "lifestyle choice".
You can view the trailer for the series or if you wish the entire first episode . And here is some of the media fallout from the show 1 , 2, 3, 4.
We at DPAC and other campaigning organizations in the UK have had enough of this propaganda and we're going to fight back.
A Demonstration has been organized at the offices of the television production company that is responsible for making this series. Ironically they call themselves "Love Productions" – they are on twitter as @LoveProdHouse

The Demonstration has been set for 3pm GMT on Monday 13th Jan, that is 10am EST. You can read the announcement here and here.
As well as a demo outside the production offices, we're going to be making a noise on twitter and we would really appreciate support from you. It would add to our numbers and let activists in the UK know that we are not alone.
We will be tweeting to the production company @LoveProdHouse and the TV Broadcaster @Channel4 to let them know that these programs are not acceptable, and we would really appreciate it if you could join with us in this. If you are not a twitter user you can Email the broadcaster Channel 4- HERE.
We are preparing a web-page with pre-prepared tweets that you may wish to use which will be up on Monday HERE or you are welcome to tweet them your own tweets.
Please use the hashtags #BenefitsStreet and the hashtags #DPAC #OCAP so that we in the UK can see that you are with us.
As well as the demonstration in the afternoon, the second episode airs on TV at 9pm GMT – 4pm EST.
We will be out tweeting in force to try to get our message across about the poison spread by this sort of programme. Once again we would really appreciate you joining us in this.
The second episode of this program focuses on immigration, which means its likely to be just as toxic as the first episode – if not even more so.

Below is a link to a selection of the coverage of the the first episode in the notorious UK Press, much of which has been willing to further the propaganda potential of this sort of 'shock TV' to demonize claimants still further.
Amongst the rantings of the right wing press, you will also find a number of articles challenging this sort of programming by writers to the left.
Bear in mind that this is just a selection of the articles published in the 5 day period after the program was broadcast, giving you an idea of the storm that this program has created.

Read Sampling of Articles Here: