Important Update on 24 Hour Drop In Spaces for Women in the City of Toronto

Important Update on 24 Hour Drop In Spaces for Women in the City of Toronto + Join us on the streets for Reclaim the Streets 2014

Demand Support from City Councillors on the upcoming Vote at Council June 10th!!

What you can do:

1) Contact your City Councillor:

· Demand that they support the vote around 24 hour women’s drop in spaces on June 10th at City

· Demand an immediate solution so that women can have access to safe space now

Find contact info for your City Councillor here:

2) Attend City Council on June 10th:

Tuesday, June 10th
Council Chamber, City Hall
Wear your ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ or ‘Violence No More’ T-shirt

Downtown East Women Reclaim the Streets 2014

Downtown East Women Reclaim the Streets

Rally and March to Stop Violence Against Women

Three upcoming walking tours in Downtown East Toronto with Gaetan Heroux

Three upcoming walking tours in Downtown East Toronto with Gaetan Heroux - celebrate your May Day weekend with some radical poor people's history

Cuts Cost Lives: OCAP Action at City Council 2014 Budget

CUTS COST LIVES: Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) Must Be Saved!
*OCAP takes action at City Council Budget Debate

*See pictures here:

When: Wednesday, January 29th, 10am
Where: Toronto City Council

OCAP has come to the Council Chambers at Toronto City Hall to demand that plans to gut the Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) in the 2014 budget be overturned. A cut of $4.3 million has been proposed.

The HSF, the City’s replacement to the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) that the Ontario Liberal Government eliminated, plays a vital role in our communities. Through it, people who are homeless, people who are coming out of institutions, or women leaving situations of domestic violence, are able to obtain
housing. By accessing this fund, people facing the loss of their housing are able to save themselves from being dumped on the streets. Individuals and families who have suffered fires and floods or who lack basic household items are able to access the HSF.

2014 City Budget: Toronto Community Organizations & Agencies Demand Action on Homelessness

To City of Toronto Council Members:
cc.  Shelter Support and Housing Administration

(You can download a PDF of this letter here!)(Also, see petition at bottom to stop cut to HSF!)

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014. In the lead up to the 2014 Budget.
We, the undersigned represent community agencies and organizations in the City of Toronto who are concerned with the ongoing homelessness crisis in our city.  We are writing to you to urge you to take action now.
As you are aware, City Council voted to bring shelter occupancy rates down to 90% more than 9 months ago, but have failed to keep their promise.  Capacity for all shelters remains well over 90% in almost all sectors, even with the use of the flex beds, and the overall overcrowding or worsening conditions have not been adequately addressed.
We call on you as City Councilors to support the motions and directions set at the December 4, 2013 Community Development and Recreation Committee.