Email Action! Tell the City not to cut the HSF!!!!

The City of Toronto wants to destroy the Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) that enables people on Ontario Works or ODSP to obtain or retain housing. They have systematically restricted access to it and turned applicants away in droves, causing great hardship and increasing homelessness.
Email your thoughts, experiences with the HSF or Community Start-Up to Toronto Emplyment and Social Services by March 24th

Raise the Rates Poster and Flyers

Available now! Click the "attachments" link to download and print the poster and flyer.

*Updated with Accessibility info!* March 22nd Raise the Rates March to the Ontario Liberal Convention

Download the Poster for March 22 HERE,
And Download the Flyer for March 22 HERE!

March 22nd Raise the Rates March to the Ontario Liberal Party Conference!

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Assemble at Metro Hall, King and John, 1.00 PM

Meal, rally and march

Our Pots and pans are empty, bring yours to bang!!!!!!!!!!

Accessibility Info:

· We have an accessible van with room for one chair and 4 passengers to follow the march for folks who aren't able to march

- ASL Interpretation available

· Closest wheelchair accessible subway station: St.Andrew Station
(approx 2mins away)

· Transportation from out of town: accessible transport available
(alternative to buses), contact each city for more info.


Meet at Carlton and Sherbourne, Thursday, August 22, at 6.00 PM

Rob Ford has made it clear that he supports a ramped up effort to enforce anti postering measures in this City. Even the Supreme Court of Canada has accepted the fact that this form of communicating information should be protected but the present Mayor is not known for his devotion to issues of equality rights.

OCAP has used postering in the downtown east as a key way of building events and raising issues in this low income community for well over twenty years. Now, our members who poster are being ticketed and even threatened with arrest. Poor people can’t take up newspaper ads or rent billboards. Postering is a vital outreach tool that we can’t allow them to take from us.

Come To City Hall Now - Eviction at 9:30pm - OCAP Turns City Hall into Emergency Shelter

OCAP has opened a shelter at City Hall and we need your help to defend the space we've taken. We are being told that they will try
to clear us out by 9:30pm. We need large numbers if we are going to keep this shelter open!

Bring food, drinks and any other supplies you may have. Spread the word! No more homeless deaths!