#RiseUpTO // THE STORM IS COMING: Pan Am Economic & Climate Summits

July 8, 7am.
Meet at Berczy Park.
Surround the Royal York. March up Bay Street
Free Breakfast!

On July 8th, the Pan American Economic and Climate Summits will meet at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. That morning, the elites in this city will welcome with open arms some of the people most responsible for destroying our planet, pushing communities out of their homes, and making us poor. We will be there to give them a different sort of ‘welcome.'

On the morning of July 8th, we will come together rise like the swell of the ocean; and surround the Royal York Hotel. Together, we will assert our dreams of better worlds.

Some of the leaders of destruction that will be in attendance at the summits:

*Shell's CEO, head of Precision Frac (leading Fracking Company), head of CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, head of corporate Cap and Trade groups..

*US, EU, Canada and Ontario Chambers of Commerce, Tony Clement, HSBC CEO, E.L. Rothschild, BNP Paribas, TD Group..

*Head of OECD, David Johnson (Canada's Governor General), the Inter-American Development Bank, Felipe Calderon..

* Shimon Perez, Garda..

We need to move quickly! We must spread the word and get organized. Please do these three things right away:
* Invite people to this facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/562140067258155/
* Share this image on facebook: https://goo.gl/qa68e7
* Download posters, flyers, and social media below and share them widely. Click here for materials.

International Women’s Day F*CK AUSTERITY contingent


Meet up: 12:45 pm outside the Bata Shoe Museum (South West corner of Bloor and St.George). We'll walk over to the march together (1pm 252 Bloor St. West)

When: Saturday March 7th just before the International Women's Day March

For more info on the rally and the march: http://iwdtoronto.ca/



We'll be making feminist and anti-capitalist banners, placards and signs. We'll also have fabric paint for t-shirts. Light snacks and tea will be provided.

When: Wednesday March 4th 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Where: St. Luke’s Church at the corner of Sherbourne and Carlton in the Upper Friendship Room. (Wheelchair accessible, TTC tokens provided.)

This March 7th, join our anti-austerity contingent at the International Women’s Day March in Toronto. We stand against patriarchy, in opposition to austerity, and for the equality of women and trans people everywhere! We will be marching with members from OCAP, the Downtown East Women Committee, The Toronto Harm Reduction Worker's Union, and the Industrial Workers of the World Women's Committee.

May 1: Honour Communities - Fight Capitalism

May Day 2014
Honour our Communities - Fight Capitalism!
Thursday, May 1st
Allan Gardens Park (Carlton/Sherbourne)
Meal, Rally and March

*ASL provided
*Accessible march
*Child friendly

Download the poster here

On May 1st, International Workers Day, we will march to reclaim May Day
for just people's struggles and to Honour Our Communities. We are unified in our fight against poverty and capitalism. We oppose attacks on rights and income of workers, irrespective of status. We demand an end to immigration detention because no one is illegal. We will continue our support for Indigenous peoples' movements for elf-determination. We oppose colonialism. We are in solidarity with struggles against Canadian imperialism. We insist on an end to environmental destruction. We resist patriarchy, racism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia both in our day-to-day work and as larger systems of oppression. Join Us!

'Left' City Councillors Vote To Close School House Shelter

Community Must Now Fight To Save It!

On June 26, OCAP organized a mass delegation to the meeting of the Community Development and Recreation Committee of City Council. We filled the place with homeless people and their allies and a range of speakers condemned the City`s plan to close the 55 bed School House Shelter. The Committee heard from those who are forced to rely on the shelter system, front line advocates, union locals representing workers in the neighborhood, social agencies and, of course, from OCAP.

The testimony that was provided to the Committee left no room for any member of it to pretend that he or she was not fully informed as to the vital need for this shelter or the terrible impact of closing it. 55 shelter beds are at stake in a community where they are desperately needed. Indeed, the need for shelter space across the City is greater than ever. People who experience the misery and unbearable tension of the shelters spoke to the serious overcrowding and appalling conditions that exist throughout the system. Health professionals and service providers spelt out the importance of the particular features of the School House and the role it has played as a `wet` shelter (i.e. one that permits some alcohol to be consumed on site) in saving lives. It was pointed out by several speakers that, if the Committee permitted this shelter to close, they would be taking this decision the same month that conditions in the main Seaton House men`s shelter led to a violent outburst in which a man was beaten severely with a fire extinguisher, while another homeless man was found dead on Parliament Street.

Despite all this, the Committee voted to proceed with the depopulating and closing of the School House. It must be stated that it was not a bunch of Rob Ford loyalists who did this. Despite being chaired by right wing, Giorgio Mammoliti, the Community Development and Recreation Committee is dominated by `progressive` opponents of Ford and his allies. These include the Councillor in whose ward the School House is located, Kristyn Wong Tam. She presented a face saving amendment that speaks of `re-investing` the resources that will be freed up by locking up the School House. How this will done, when this will be done and where are all unclear but we can be sure it won`t be happening in her ward if Wong Tam and her developer friends have anything to do with it.

Toronto Sells Off Housing and Abandons The Homeless

The ugliness of the austerity agenda is becoming clearer in Toronto. In this year’s Provincial budget we saw cuts to Social Assistance benefits, including the Community Start-Up, which presently allows 16,000 people a month to obtain or maintain housing. It is a measure that can only worsen the crisis of homelessness in Toronto and across Ontario. Last week, the Provincial Housing Minister caved into pressure from the Ford Administration and approved the sale of 65 units of public housing in this City. Hundreds more are in danger of going the same way and, indeed, the destruction of public housing is the logical end result of this political direction.

The very same week that this shameless act took place, two tragedies came to light among the homeless population. In overcrowded Seaton House shelter, tensions exploded and a man was beaten severely with a fire extinguisher in what appears to have been a dispute over whether to leave open a door to a dormitory in which there was no air conditioning. Such violent incidents are, more and more, coming to the attention of those who rely on the shelter system, and those who provide services to the homeless. Then, the body of a homeless man was found in an alcove on Parliament Street. It appears that he had crawled in there and died. Only the smell of his decomposing body led to his being found weeks after he had passed.

On June 26, the Community Services and Recreation Committee of Toronto City Council will meet and consider community delegations urging them to overturn a decision of their hostel staff to close a 55 bed shelter that is located right next door to the above mentioned Seaton House. The School House shelter has provided beds for homeless men for decades. It has been run as a ‘wet’ shelter that allows residents to bring in and consume alcohol. This has contributed significantly to preventing street deaths.