Implementing Austerity By Downloading Responsibility

We wrote a piece contextualizing the struggle around the Housing Stabilization Fund and its connection to the broader program of Liberal austerity.

Rally in support of Laura Bardeau at City Hall.

Read it on The Bullet or Canadian Dimension.

We Forced The City To Release HSF Policies: Here They Are

Thanks to all those who came out to our emergency community meeting on Monday, July 18.

At the meeting we distributed the Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) adjudication policies we forced the City to release over the course of Laura Bardeau's fight for justice (which we won!). You can download the three HSF policies we received here:

HSF Adjudication Policy
Furniture Issuance Guidelines
HSF Eligibility Calculation

Victory for Laura Bardeau! But Fight for HSF Justice Still On

Laura Bardeau Speaking at the OCAP Mass Delegation to City Hall on June 15

We've just received word from Toronto Employment and Social Services (TESS) that they've capitulated to our demand and are now granting Laura the full $1500 she is entitled for, proving once again the power of collective action. This victory was two months in the making but together we made it happen!

However, a victory for Laura isn't yet a victory for all applicants to the critical Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF). Disclosure documents we received over the course of this fight demonstrate that the HSF adjudication policy systematically discriminates against disabled people and people with children. This must change because we shouldn't need a 2 month fight and a public campaign to win people their most basic entitlements.

Join us this Monday, July 18 at 5pm at our Community Meeting (details above) to celebrate Laura's victory and build a mobilization to win HSF justice for all!

Fight to Win!

Emergency Meeting: Fighting Housing Stabilization Fund Denial and Discrimination

Monday, July 18 |31 Wellesley Street East (OPSEU Membership Centre)|5pm

Meal Provided. Childcare Available. Wheelchair Accessible Space
Download the Info-Graphic

For the last two months OCAP has been fighting for the Bardeau family to get access to Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF). As part of this struggle, we have obtained the City’s secret HSF policies and found proof the City is discriminating against families and disabled people.

We are calling a community meeting on this issue to:

- Enable those who need access to the HSF, in order to obtain or retain housing, to get more information on how they can best access it.
- Talk to people who have been denied HSF about fighting their decision.
- Give an overview of HSF policy, its eligibility formula, and how it is discriminatory (we will have copies of the policies available).
- Plan out a campaign of action to defend and strengthen the HSF and raise social assistance rates.

Video from Action To Demand Justice for Laura Bardeau & All HSF Applicants

On Wednesday, June 15, a mass OCAP delegation visited Mayor John Tory and Councillor James Pasternak as we escalated the fight to get Laura Bardeau and her kids the Housing Stabilization Fund (HSF) they are entitled to.